A "Proper Opening"

by James Hayes and Piper Dixon


Food connects us all. It is the root of our well-being and lack of proper intake the largest root of our sorrow. There are many vices and food is the one vice we may NOT live without.

We believe that eating proper is being conscious of the food one puts into their body. One should be conscious of all the ingredients in a packaged food item and how much energy output went into packaging that item. One should be conscious of the transportation costs that go into getting the food to you. One should be conscious of the soil depletion costs and sustainable practices of the farms where their food originates. Only by becoming aware of all these energy costs will we create the opportunity to cut back and reverse this indiscriminate resource depletion. The earth is suffering and we are getting fat and tired. We must learn to live a more harmonious life with the earth and the bounty it provides us. It may not be easy or as convenient a lifestyle, but the rewards are health, longevity and peace of mind, to name just a few.

We strongly discourage packaged, refined and processed foods. The costs are far too high, compared with energy given back. This goes double fold for meat and dairy products. We have chosen to provide organic milk, cheese and eggs for the time being, but only from local and organic sources. The costs associated with meat and dairy production are numerous and require a whole book to learn about (of which, there are many out there). We have chosen to have absolutely no meat products in our store, whatsoever. Additionally, our entire menu is 100% vegan.

Proper Eats is owned and managed by James Hayes and Piper Dixon, both residents of St. Johns. The roots of our relationship grew out of Portland area farmer’s markets. This intertwined with our personal commitments to sustainability and a deep appreciation for vegan living. The opportunity for Proper Eats was given to us by the passing of Café Nola and we are eternally grateful. Through months of long work and the commitment of countless friends, we opened Proper Eats on May 13, 2006.

Thank you for your continued support and for being such a valued member of your community.


James Hayes

Piper Dixon




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