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Queen's Beans has proudly served the very finest beans since 237.  Following the northern Europen Bean Wars of the 14th century, Queen's has emerged as the industry leader.  Today, Queen's is the premier cultural bean icon, representing beans to consumers the world over and holding 90% of the world market bean share.  We know beans.

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The Broad Bean

   Vica faba (broad bean)


The Broad Bean, or Faba, is our oldest and proudest product, the first bean sold by Queen's and the story behind our name.  Fabas have been cultivated by the peoples of Europe, Asia and Africa for thousands of years. Today, our fabas are grown for us on family farms throughout Europe, many of which have been producing beans for Queen's for hundreds of years.  Our farmers harvest the faba while is it still young and tender, so we can bring you the very finest bean-eating experience imaginable.

The Chick Pea   



 The Chick Pea is an edible legume of the family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae, and is an invaluable element of vegetarian or Vegan cooking.  Chick peas grow best in an extremely wet, tropical environment.  In order to bring you the very finest Chick peas, ours are cultivated in Bali, where Balinese farmers grow Chick Peas according to a thousands-year old, strictly observed religious ritual, recognizing their great value.  We can count on them to give us only the very best and that is all that we will offer to our customers.

The Lentil



The Lentil, or Masoor, was one of the very first domesticated crops and Queen's lentils are the very finest in the world.   We offer lentils of every color and type.  After soybeans, lentils have the highest proportion of protein content available in a vegetable.  They are easy to prepare, with the shortest cooking time of any bean, and go well with many cuisines and spices. 

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