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Thank you for participating in the last Master Recycler Plastics Roundup. On
May 19th, over 1200 participants brought over 15 tons of plastics. Fourteen
tons was recycled and 1 ton was redistributed back out in the community for
reuse! Master Recyclers could not have done it without you. Thank you for
helping conserve our natural resources. This event was so big that we've
decided to expand.  This fall the Master Recycler Plastics Roundup will take
place on two days and in four locations:
Collections will take place:
Saturday, September 29, 9am - 2pm at:
*   Floyd Light Middle School 10800 SE Washington

*   Kaiser Permanente 3550 N Interstate (at Fremont)

Saturday, October 6, 2007, 9am to 2pm at:
*   PCC Sylvania 12000 SW 49th lot 10

*   Westview High School 4200 NW 185th North Parking lot
Recyclers should rinse and separate plastic into the following categories:

*   Plastic bags (dry cleaning, store sacks)
*   Plant containers and trays (please knock dirt out ahead of time)
*   Please rinse and separate plastics with numbers by
each number separately (bags and plant containers go in the first two categories, no
Styrofoam food trays even if they have a number).
*   Miscellaneous plastics without numbers (Bottle caps, drink lids, DVD's, CD's, CD cases,                                                          straws, lawn/patio
furniture, kids\' toys (think slides!), pet igloos, laundry baskets, kiddy
pools, & more. . .(bring it, we'll try to take it)
*   Reusable Plastic Items. - We especially love buckets!  Master
Recyclers label and redistribute them to encourage residents to keep glass
separate from other recyclables.  Be sure and drop
by this section to see if you might find a useful item you would like to bring home.
 We cannot accept:
*   Styrofoam block, Styrofoam peanuts, Styrofoam food trays or
Styrofoam egg cartons even if they have a number
*   "Biodegradable" plastic or plastic that says PLA 7 on the bottom
(this is a contaminant for plastics recycling)
*   Milk jugs
*   Plastic with metal inside (no car seats/highchairs)
*   VHS or cassette tapes
*   PVC pipe
*   Food-contaminated or dirty plastic

To learn about other recycling options for some of these items please go to -plastics/plastics
or call (503)234-3000
If you can't wait that long to unload your
the City of Sherwood will be sponsoring a plastics roundup. Saturday,
June 23rd 8am-2pm at Sherwood Maintenance Facilities 15527 SW Willamette st.  

They accept the same materials.  For more information go to