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Organic, local, proper!

Owned by local, St. Johns residents,
James, Piper & The Proper Family

Breakfast Special

Tempeh Scramble      $7.00
With roasted potatoes, black beans, salsa and spinach wrapped in a tortilla or in a bowl.



Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito                    $3.25

Veggies Beans and Grains                         $4.00

 PBJ     $4.50

Organic peanut butter, local jam and served with seasonal fruit.


Soba Noodles w/ soy sauce                      $4.75

Served with lightly steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (or not!).

Mini Quesadilla                                      $4.75

Made with gourmet vegan cheese, spinach and topped w/ salsa.



Chips and Salsa                     $2.75    A serving of corn chips and salsa.

Hummus  and Veggie Plate   $4.50     A medley of seasonal veggies served with fresh made hummus of the day

Garlic bread                          $2.75      Lightly baked bread, encrusted with garlic, olive oil and herbs

Seasonal Fruit Plate              $4.00    A beautiful plate of seasonal fruits.

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$8.00 w/ bread or $11 w/ raw sprouted crackers.

Choose any 3 below:

Spicy Black Bean • Miso Tahini Spread (live) • Hazelnut -Arugula Pesto (raw) • Sunflower Seed Avocado Spread (raw) • Olive Tapenade • Raw Sprouted Hummus • House Hummus



Served with Miso-Tahini, carrot-ginger, raspberry vinagarette, or maple balsmic vinagarette dressing.

The Proper Salad          $7.00  Organic local seasonal mixed greens topped with seasonal veggies, seaweed-gomasio and choice of dressing.

Spinach Salad                  $7.00  A bed of fresh spinach with grated beets, carrots, avocado, locally grown hazelnuts and choice of dressing.

Three Bean Salad           $7.25 White, kidney and garbanzo, tossed with oil/vinegar and basil . served over lightly steamed greens,   recommended with miso-tahini dressing.

Tabouli                                $3.75 Fresh made tabouli served over a bed of seasonal mixed greens.
Side Salad                          $3.75  A small serving of organic seasonal mixed greens, topped with grated carrots/cabbage, gomasio and choice of dressing


Soup                                                                                                     Back to Top   

Soup of the day, served with bread cup  $2.75    bowl $4.75

Soup and salad combo $9.00   Cup of soup with bread and salad of choice   


(.25 cents extra for spelt)

Veggie $6.00   

Seasonal veggies with choice of spread and served with raw sprouted crackers.

Hummus $6.50  

Hummus, red onion, cucumbers, carrots and spinach served with a side of tabouli.

Tempeh Reuben $7.50

served with our hazelnut-arugula pesto and a side salad

BBQ Tempeh $7.50

Carmelized onions, asian slaw and our home-made BBQ sauce. Served w/ small salad.                              



BURRITOS                                                   Back to top

Burrito NoPo Burrito $6.25

A mix of seasonal steamed veggies, salsa, your choice of black or pinto beans, rice or quinoa, topped with guacamole and wrapped in a whole wheat, spinach or garlic herb tortilla.

Add tofu or tempeh for $1.00      Tofu-cilantro sour cream for $0.75         Tillamook cheddar cheese $0.75


Raw Fajitas                          $8.50 Walnut-Mushroom mixture with sun-dried tomatoes, avacado and carrots wrapped in a chard shell.

Sesame Peanut Noodles      $8.25 Noodles cooked in a peanut sauce served warm or cold with ginger lime tofu, over a bed of spinach and garnished with asian slaw and seasonal veggies.


Cornmeal Tempeh Plate    $9.00                  

Served over sautéed greens, quionoa and pinto beans and topped with tofu-cilantro sour cream and pumpkin-corn-seed relish.


Tabouli Wrap                            $7.00 Spinach, cucumbers, carrots, red onion, kraut and miso-tahini wrapped in a garlic-herb tortilla

The Proper Plate                  $8.00 Choice of beans and grains, served with fresh steamed veggies and topped with seaweed gomasio. Choose tofu or tempeh.

Three Bean Wrap                 $8.00Marinated white beans, kidney beans and chick peas wrapped in a garlic-herb tortilla with olive tapenade, sautéed greens and rice/barley. Served w/ side salad.

Pesto and Veggie Wrap       $8.25 Lightly steamed veggies, rice/barley and tofu or tempeh served with our hazelnut-arugula pesto and a side salad Veggie Wrap                         $8.25 Lightly steamed veggies, rice/barley and tofu or tempeh, served with our miso-tahini spread, topped with avocado and served with side salad

Nachos                                   $6.75 Locally made corn chips topped with rice/barley, black beans, salsa, corn-pumpkin seed relish and guacamole. Add Tempeh $1.

South of the Border             $9.00 Layers of corn chips, pinto beans, vegan gourmet cheese, veggies and salsa, topped with more salsa and guacamole. Served w/ side salad.

Tempeh Tacos                      $9.00 Three corn tortillas stuffed with seasoned tempeh and steamed veggies, topped with salsa, tofu-cilantro sour cream and served with a side of black beans and brown rice/barley.

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Check out our Raw-Food offerings in the deli

SPECIAL:     See board or ask us!                   

Also check out the fresh, tasty offerings in the deli case!              Back to Top


A blend of bananas and other fruits with apple juice and/or kombucha. Changes daily.

Columbia Gorge Juices
See sign on fridge

Genesis Juices   

See sign on fridge                                           Back to top

House Smoothie                    $3.75  add kombucha?    .50 cents

Columbia Gorge Juices        $2.89 – 3.59

Home-Brewed Kombucha  sm. $2.00 lg. 3.75

House Lemonade blend (ask)


San Pelligrino                       $2.00

Natural Brew Sodas              $1.50


Coffees & Teas
Featuring locally roasted coffee from Z beanz and AJ Java and Teas from Jasmine Pearl Company and Yohalem-Ilsley Medicinal Teas. All based in Portland!

Coffee            $1.50    med. $1.75       lrg:   $ 2.00
Loose Leaf Tea                                            $ 2.00
Medicinal Tea                                             $ 2.50
Iced Tea                                          sm. $ 2.00     lg. $3.50

Beer & Wine
See board and deli case for selections;
Draft:                                                 $ 3.50
Bottles:                                               $ 2.75
Hamms tall boy                                 $1.50         22 oz.   $5.00

Wine::                                       glass $5.00          bottle $18.00 

                                          Cabernet $6              bottle $22                                                


Check out the deli case or ask us what is available!

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